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Music Server

Squeezebox Music

Stephanie's new Internet Radio now has a music server available on this web server called Sqeeze Box Server which can allow you a web interface to the radio. Try it you'll like it.

Unified Media Server

United Media 

United Media Server for playing music and viewing pictures on a web browser.

Weather Info for Yorktown Heights

Click for Yorktown Heights, New York Forecast

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    Local Radar
   Detailed Forecast

Click for Yorktown Heights, New York Forecast


Moore's weather station
Local Weather Station

National Weather Service

If you would prefer a different weather site try National Weather Service for Yorktown Heights NY

Email on Merlin

The email on merlin is now available at Squirrelmail . Use your regular login for merlin.

If the above link does not work try this variation: Squirrelmail . Use your regular login for merlin.

Or finally here is a third variation: Squirrelmail . Use your regular login for merlin.

Photo Album for Steph

The photo's taken by stephanie and saved on the computer are viewable using these steps.

  1. Open a file browser to the location /mnt/pictures
  2. On the drop down menus select View the go to the option Folder View Mode and select Icon View .
  3. If you want a better view of the images, right click on a image and go to Open With and select gThumb .

Magnatune Music Streams

Found that we could play music streams through the web browser using the music from magantune. Give this a try and see how you like it Magnatune Music Playlists

Tutorials and Reference

All the tutorial information from this web site have moved to the Tutorial Index web page.

The Linux Cookbook Linux Cookbook This is a good tutorial for people learning about Linux.

Steph's Tutorials and Ideas

Here is a web page of tutorials for steph.

Gardening and Composting information to share.

House Cleaning Ideas for us to share.

SMART Portal Log In is A Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor has provided you with access to LifeView® Goal Analysis or LifeView® Advisor. Leveraging these tools, a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help you map your financial future and help you to translate your financial goals into reality.

Electronic Manuals

Electronic Manuals is an index to some PDF manuals for appliances around our house.

Electronic Haggadah's is an index of Haggadahs I downloaded off the web.

Geothermal Information

As I persue the idea of installing a Geothermal heat pump in the house, I need to do my homework. Towards that end I have created a web page Geothermal Information .

Merlin Tools

Centos Documentation

Since I seem to be refering to Redhat System Administrators Guide so often I though a link would be in order.

Additionally I find a lot of good information available at Centos Wiki where the information is more current.


The firewall system is available HERE

This firewall controls the access to the Cable Modem for the whole house. You should not need to make any changes to it.

The documentation for the router is available at TP-Link R600VPN . Or a local copy of the reference manual is available in PDF format at: merlin:/home/john/manuals/TL-R600VPN_V1_User_Guide.pdf

Mister House

Take a look here for the automation controller which switches the lights on and off. For more information check out Mister House Documentation.

For a list of the codes see: X10-Names


Merlin System Info

You can find out the configuration and status of Merlin by checking out Merlin System Status with Monitorix .

Or you can look at the Munin monitor at Munin Monitor using the login admin with the password: linux4me .

UPS status

You can check the APCUPSD UPS Network Monitor for the current status of the APC Backup attached to Merlin. The documentation is available in APCUPSD User Manual

Line 1 VOIP interface

If you would like to have a look at the configuration for the Line 1 VOIP (Voice Over IP) box which handles the main phone line (914-241-8865) it is available.

The PDF manual is available as Linksys PAP2T User Manual

If you want to log into the Web interface to My Accounts at ViaTalk, you should go to ViaTalk My Account Login

Printer Interface

If you would like to scan a document, go to this link Scanner and select the scan option. You can preview what it will look like before doing the scan. The actual scan will show up in a new browser window. Use the save as function of the browser to save the image to your hard disk. If you do not understand, ask you local admin for a demonstration.

If you want to view the current status of the printers, you can view the Cups Manager on this web page.

Quote of the Day

Vacations, Projects, and Events

Lions-wing Netsite Local

This is a link to my web site: WWW Version and the copy contained here: Local Version , or for the old local version see Old web site .

Summer 2001 Trip

I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of Yellowstone again.

Boy's Barmitzvahs

Here are pictures from Tolly's and Ally's Barmitzvah

New Kitchen

I though it might be fun to see the old and new Kitchen in photos

Solar Roof

Here is a presentation I put together to discuss our Solar Roof. For those who are curious here is an article on how solar energe works . And another article on a power meter .

Summer 2004 in Europe

This is a collection of pictures from our Europe Trip.

Interesting Reading

Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales
These are some original stories reproduced by the National Geographic. They are considered to be accurate concerning the way the Grimm brothers recorded the tales before they were made more pleasing to the readers.
The Jargon File Jargon File
This is the Jargon File, a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor.
In the Beginning was the Command Line.
This is a very funny, but reasonably accurate picture of what it is like working with a command line as opposed to a Graphical User Interface. It also contains some good put downs of Microsoft.

Home Web Pages

Thank You America

Thank You America
A memorial site showing the World's sorrow.

You are free to use the image below on an Apache-powered web server. Thanks for using Apache!

Apache Web Server


Yorktown Faculty Email and Web pages

Clip Art

Clip Art Index
Open Clip Art Index

National Geographic

National Geographic Images

Dance information

  Greater New York Chapter of USA Dance

MTA & Amtrack

For Information about Train schedules check Metropolitan Transportation Authority or AMTRAK

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