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Lesson 7 Image Studio

For this lesson, Graphics à la "the Web", you will need to download this image that shows pictures of lava and a volcano. To download the image, try one of the methods below.


1. The Secret Menu

Look for the "secret" popup menu in your web browser. (Click and hold the mouse for Macintosh; click and hold the right mouse button for Windows and Unix)

  1. Click and hold the mouse on the image above to bring up the "secret" menu.
  2. Select Save this Image as...
  3. When prompted, enter "lava.gif" as the name for the file (it may insert it for you).
  4. Save the file in the same folder/directory as your HTML document.

2. Saving As Source

If you cannot find the secret menu, try this approach. Select the link below ("view the image") that links directly to the image. It will likely show the picture by itself in a separate web page or it may launch an external graphics program to display the image.

view the image

Writing HTML: Lesson 7 Image Studio
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